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We practice the following forms:-
- Cheng Manqing 37-move Short Form
- Yang Chengfu 108-move Long Form
- 2 basic Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands
Class includes A guided meditation with the aim to move towards "the gentle path of internal refinement".

Form your own group or join in one of our classes. Taiji in earlier days indicated a fighting art, named Tai Chi Chuan or Supreme Ultimate or Grand Fist.
Nowadays taiji and qigong are most commonly practised in a set pattern for their therapeutic potential.


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Taiji has evolved over centuries from its beginning as 'the Supreme Ultimate Fist' martial art to become a means of inner refinement; a science of body mechanics; meditation; health and relaxation.

While a state of health and relaxation is conceptually easy to grasp, it is difficult to achieve and requires dedication and indeed 'learning how' to relax.

The continual contraction of muscles, bones, tendons and muscles and their subsequent release during tai-chi exercises are a refined form of qigong or energy cultivation handed down over centuries by authentic masters.
Relaxation occurs as a result of learning to 'release' prior to 'relax'



As well as our weekly taichi classes we also offer ongoing group or individual group classes for those wishing to deepen their taichi with more individual attention and in a beautiful park surrounding the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Please fill in the contact form if you wish to participate in public classes and require more information or book online for our nine weeks taichi course.

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yin yang larry friedberg Tai chi movements alternate between yin and yang, left and right, forward and backwards, up and down to first achieve a degree of balance.
The first section of the 37 move short form and the five loosening up exercises form the basis of the beginners’ classes. Some basic sets of push hands, qigong exercises and stretching are included in this class

yin yang larry friedberg "Taiji is an internal style of Chinese martial arts based on the principles of relaxing, yielding, neutralising and issuing both in application and daily life" P.Kelly
Taiji classes and training help you develop bodily harmony and bodily co-ordination.

yin yang larry friedberg Taiji has developed over centuries, using slow soft and gentle movements co-ordinated by the body-mind and breath.
Tendons, muscles, sinews and bones are strengthened by continuous circular movements.

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We are a team of Professional instructors, martial artists, physiotherapists, body workers and sports mad enthusiasts.
Join in any of our classes to feel alive, to heal, nourish and replenish the body's energies.
Feel fit, healthy, coordinated, balanced and in harmony.

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