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Tai chi classes held at Grant Reserve Coogee every Monday morning at 7.30am and 8.30am or every Saturday at 8.30am and Tuesday morning at 7.30am in Centennial Park Sydney (see map below).

The 37 move Yang style short form is introduced as the basics of Tai Chi as well as the five loosening up exercises. Qigong exercises are introduced as a guide to posture, alignment and integration.

The aim of the short beginners course is to introduce participants to the philosophical, physical and experiential concepts of tai chi.
Join in the fun and creativity as we align and regain our balance and coordination

enroll $180 / term MAP


Number of Persons


TAIJI Centennial Park

60 min

Larry has been training for over forty five years in the internal martial arts. He has trained in South Africa, Holland, Japan and New Zealand and is currently the head instructor for Taiji Sydney

"This training has lead me to a natural self confidence, a heightened state of awareness, deeper concentration, more self confidence and an understanding of the different methods of movement leading to an understanding of meditation."

  • International Tai-Chi and Self Defence Instructor
  • Tai-Chi, Qigong and Self Defence Principal Instructor 1997
  • From South Africa - Tai-Chi Principal Instructor
enroll $180 / term MAP


Number of Persons


TAI-CHI coogee

60 min
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